"Water Baptism"

Last Sunday was a water baptism service and I cannot tell you how it thrills my heart to see people get water baptized.  I just love to see the celebration of a person’s union with Christ.  The act of obedience that a person takes to be baptized as a symbol of their union and their decision to turn away from darkness and to walk in Light!  I love the picture or water submersion and how it symbolizes Christ’s Death, Burial and Resurrection and when you are baptized you are burying your old life and coming up out of that water to your new life!  I love the fact that there is HOPE for a life beyond this world because of what Christ did for us.  I love that God is conforming us into Christ’s image and we are to Believe, Baptize, and Grow in our Faith.  Baptism is a public expression of our Faith – acknowledging that it is by our Faith that we are Saved.  It was just thrilling to see all the people who came that day to be baptized and even more thrilling to see the ones who hadn’t even planned on it but still came forward after the message that was given.  With no change of clothes and then leaving church in their wet clothes on a very chilly Sunday in October.  But they didn’t even care, because they were so thrilled that they were obedient to God’s call.  What a testimony!     

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