Eighteen September’s Ago 

There was never a more shocking, dramatic and fearful day as 9/11.   It was shocking to see an attack on our country and even more shocking to see it unfold on live TV.







It was the most dramatic footage as shock after shock kept happening in which made it very difficult to comprehend.   I remember going into work that day after watching the beginning stages of it at home on the TV. before I left, when I got to work and was riding the elevator up to the 26th floor in our Denver high rise, a girl on the elevator had not heard the news yet… and as I was attempting to explain it to her, I remember the words were coming out of my mouth but my mind was not comprehending what I was saying.  “A plane has hit the World Trade Center in New York City and the building is on fire.  They don’t know yet if it intentional or an accident.”  And a guy who was riding with us was getting off the elevator and he turned back and asked me “Like a small two man plane?”  And I said “No – like a 747 full of passengers.” And then the elevator door closed.

What dreadful words.

For me, there was fear that day as I worked in the tallest high rise building in downtown Denver and as the events kept unfolding our supervisor ran about frantically trying to get a hold of someone who could close the building and start to evacuate.  And to hear the words “If they are flying planes into buildings, they could very well set their sights on this one!”

That was a thought that had never even crossed my mind.  Ever.

It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed since this horrific day that changed our world forever.

I know that everyone has their own individual story and how you were impacted.  It has always been devastating to me and my heart has ALWAYS gone out to those affected.

Ten years after the attack, I wrote a song…   not intentionally, but just by watching the footage and hearing the stories, the lyrics just sort of came to me.  You can hear the song “Well Always Remember 9/11” here at this link.

“We’ll Always Remember 9/11” Video

I have never had the opportunity to go to New York, Pennsylvania or to the Pentagon.  The closest I have seen of the remnants are when they brought them through Denver as a traveling Memorial.   You can read my blog about it here.  There are also photographs as well.

9/11 Traveling Memorial Blog

I know how simple the words “We’ll Always Remember” sound, but there were no words of eloquence that were needed in trying to describe something so horrific.  It was simply truth from my perspective.  I may never comprehend it or understand it… but I will ALWAYS remember it.

The very first stanza in that song is “That day a nation came to pray”, and that is the most potent thing that I remember about 9/11.   The way our nation came together to pray.

To this day, I still continue to pray.   Prayer is powerful.   God is powerful.   God is sovereign.  God is in control. And God is a healer.

I am thankful how he has brought healing.  I am thankful there has not been another attack.  And I am thankful that He still continues to bless us.

Please share with me where you were on that fateful day.  Take some time to pray, and please watch the video as you remember.

We’ll Always Remember 9/11″ Video

Love and Blessings