Treasure the Memories 

Treasure the Memories
If you’ve ever experienced grief, then you know that it’s not just at the time of the event that emotions can overcome you. But it can be for years to come and possibly for a lifetime that you can carry that with you. And you never know when those memories will choose to flood back in.
For me, as I was at a retreat this last weekend somehow the topic of losing a child came up, and of course my mind always goes to my niece Faith and when we lost her to SIDS in 1991. We also talked about Sorrow and Suffering and how that is something that is always with us and makes us part of who we are. Time goes on, and happy times start to come again, but that sorrow and suffering still remain somewhere in the background. And sometimes out of nowhere, they can come to the forefront , even years later. A vision of children all gathered around Jesus, laughing, playing, singing and just hugging his neck came to me and from that, a song, “In the Arms of Jesus”. You are welcome to listen to it here.
But I am always amazed at how God ALWAYS remembers my pain, and He gives me reminders to let me know that He is still there. He is still God. And He still LOVES me. At the end of the retreat they handed out necklaces, each with a crown to remind us that we will one day be in heaven and receive a crown from Him. A heart to remind us of how much He loves us. And a little bar with the word (or in my case the name) “Faith” on it. To remind us to always keep the faith, because we will be with our loved ones again one day, and for me personally, to remind me that I always carry a little bit of her with me, (and all my loved ones who have gone on before me for that matter), while I’m still left here to live this life.
I know the holidays are hard, especially when you’ve lost someone you love. But keep the Faith, and keep believing. God is with you and He loves you, and you will always have a piece of your loved one with you Forever!
Treasure the memories!
God bless you –
Don’t forget to take a listen to the song “In the Arms of Jesus”.