Is Anyone Thankful? 

God Bless you on this Thanksgiving Eve.  I hope you are prepping for a wonderful feast tomorrow.   I know many of us are celebrating differently this year, but the day itself, is still something to celebrate! 

Did you know that even the very first Thanksgiving was plagued by sickness and death?   Back then it was scurvy and malnutrition that was killing the people (the Pilgrims).   There was suffering.   There was pain.   There was death.  All plagued by a sickness they couldn’t control.   Sound familiar?  All while they were seeking religious freedom.

Thankfully, the kindness of the Native Americans led by Squanto, helped them to harvest and taught them how live of off the land.  They helped them survive and brought HOPE.   To which they gave THANKS to God.  

We have much to be thankful for this year!  Even in the midst of a pandemic.   In the midst of OUR suffering.  Of OUR pain.  And even though death surrounds us.    God is still with us.  

Aren’t you thankful for King Soopers?   Safeway?  Wal-Mart?  Costco?  Sam’s?  Whole Foods?  Natural Grocers?  Trader Joe’s?   All of these places are still available and open to us to provide food? 

God is Good.   He has not changed.   From that very first Thanksgiving until now.   He is the same yesterday, today and forever.    No matter what this life brings, we should always be Thankful!  

I’ve share some songs of Thankfulness on my website.   Because I love to sing to Him as I give Thanks.   I hope you’ll take some time to listen, and be reminded that God is still here.   He is still in control.

I have also created a “Thanksgiving Playlist” on SPOTIFY that you can stream in the next few days to focus your heart on gratitude. Please take some time to listen.

Thankfulness is good for the soul!   

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says


If you struggle to find something now to thank God for, then Thank Him for the things He is yet to do! 

As part of my Cling to Jesus series, I offer tips on how to Cling to Jesus in difficult times.   My #1 tip is to Change Your Focus.     Think about things that are good.   Think about God’s love.  His faithfulness.  His holiness.  His miracles.   His promises.   And tip #2 is to Be Thankful.   In ALL things, be thankful.   I pray you will change your focus this Thanksgiving.   Turn off the outside world, and the negativity, and the fear.   Focus on the Good.   On God.   On all that He’s done for you, and all that He is yet to do!   

Have Hope and live and thrive in His blessings!  

Happy Thanksgiving!  


Yvette Medina