Keep Me Encouraged 

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! It is good to have a long weekend to relax, enjoy family and remember those who sacrificed for our freedom!

This week I had reached out to many friends and family, and was able to touch base and catch up with many I hadn’t talked to in a while.

So many people asked for prayer and told me of things that were happening in their lives and as I was praying, I found that the one thing I kept praying for over and over was for encouragement.

I prayed for people who had just lost loved ones and were struggling in their grief. I prayed for young people who lost their friends to suicide. I prayed for people with health problems who weren’t sure of a diagnosis. I prayed for people who were going into surgery. I prayed for people who are recovering from surgery. I prayed for people going through divorce. For people who just lost their job. For people with loved ones who have cancer. For someone who just had a miscarriage. For someone who’s parent has Alzheimer’s. And for me, who is struggling with empty nest syndrome.

And as I prayed for everyone else, I thought – wow my struggles don’t seem as big as everyone else’s. But, still, the one thing it did have in common is that they all lead to discouragement. Whether it is loneliness, sickness, grief, or helplessness, they are all pains in our lives that discourage and bring us down. Things that make us feel like there is no hope. And that is right where the devil wants us to be. Lost and consumed by our pain.

It made me think of a line from a movie called “The Shack” where God says –

“When all you can see is your pain, you lose sight of me.” And isn’t that true?

We can get so consumed in our pain that we forget that God is in control. We forget that God has a bigger plan. We forget that strength comes out of weakness. We forget that God is with us. That He is fighting for us. That He is working things for our good! And we forget that He Loves us!

So today I am here to encourage you! To remind you of all of those things! That God is THERE in your pain and that He is working things out for your good – even when you can’t see it.

Here are 7 Tips and Scriptures can help you with discouragement.

7 Tips to help with discouragement

And when you feel overwhelmed in your pain, I offer you this prayer.

Dear Lord,

I believe in your Word. I believe in your love for me. Your word tells me that you will be there with me in difficult times. Your word tells me that I will not be overwhelmed by the waters or consumed by the fires that so often come my way. Your word tells me that YOU will be with me when they do. I believe this and know that if YOU are with me, then everything will be alright! I may come to raging rivers and roaring fires, but you have promised to be there by my side through them all. I find comfort in YOU and in your promises.

Thank you Lord for your promises, and thank you Lord for being with me in my times of need.

I love you Lord,

In Jesus name,


Here is also a scripture to help you when you feel discouraged. Romans 8:28.

Romans 8_28


And lastly, you can download my song, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”.  Just click below.

Free Song

May it encourage you, and remind you, that everything WILL be alright. Hold to God’s promises, Know that YOU ARE LOVED and ALWAYS – Cling to Jesus!

Be blessed my friends!