“The Flag on my Computer” 

Stopping to remember 9/11 on this 20 year anniversary.

Funny how you remember the littlest things or how certain little things will come back to you at a particular moment in time.  With 9/11 on each anniversary, something will indelibly pop up in my mind, and this year it is the flag on my computer.

I worked in the tallest building in Downtown Denver at the time of 9/11 on the 26th floor, which is only halfway to the top of the 52 story building.  I remember how massive that building was to look at and remembering on 9/11 how it was only half the size of the World Trade Centers.  

I arrived at work that day as all of the events were unfolding and I remember watching them on a little tiny t.v. with my supervisor in her office as the 1st tower collapsed.   It was at that time that our manager came in to the office and she was in a panic and started demanding that everyone go home!  She said “If they are targeting tall buildings, we all need to get out of this one!”  And she sent us all home.  A short time later, the Republic Plaza shut down the entire building and everyone evacuated.    But looking back, I am amazed that she had the presence of mind to think in that manner.    I mean really, our country was under attack.  Why didn’t I stay home when I saw such a thing happening on the t.v. before I left for work that day?  Maybe because we didn’t know the enormity of it at that current time.

Now I don’t remember if we went back to work the following day, or day after, but I do remember when we arrived, the management had put small flags on EVERY SINGLE computer throughout the entire building.    And it was a symbol of patriotism, unity and love that I had never felt before.   And those flags stood up for probably a full year, and I loved seeing them every single day!

It saddens me that it took such a tragedy to bring about that kind of unity.   When I look at the world today, and the division and hatred that surrounds us, I remember the flags on our computers the day after 9/11 that symbolized who we were as a nation.   There was no separation.  We were all AMERICANS.  Americans who hurt together.   Who stood together.  Who experienced loss together.   Who prayed together.  Who comforted each other and who helped each other.  We experienced unity and love at whole different level. 

As the years go by, and the nation divides, I pray and long for a day when we can all live like that again.   In unity and love.   Amidst the tragedy and great loss, my heart is forever touched by the heroism, the sacrifices, the stories of love shown by people wanting to help one another and save lives, and carrying people out on their backs, or staying with someone who was hurt and in pain, or picking them up as they stumbled to run to safety.  Going back in to find survivors or giving their lives and sacrificing to take over a plane so no more lives would be lost.  Staying for months and months to find remnants of lives lost for lost ones.   That is incredible kindness, unity and love.  

The bible tells us that “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13.  That verse was played out in the countless stories of 9/11.  I placed that flag back on my computer to remind me of this.  Because yes we are all AMERICANS.  But we are also HUMANS.   Humans created by God, who live, breathe, love, sacrifice, hurt and grieve together.   

May we never forget who we are and may we never forget 9/11.

“We’ll Always Remember 9/11”    

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