Can I Get Your Attention? 

How Many Times do I Have to Tell You?

Why Won’t You Listen to Me?

Do you ever feel like God is trying to get your attention but it takes you a while to realize it?

Listen to me

That is exactly what happened to me a few days ago.

I was planning on attending my nephews graduation with my brother at Red Rocks Amphitheater here in Colorado.   It was a beautiful Thursday  morning.  The night before my brother text me that the graduation was at 9:00 a.m. and he would be here by 8:00 to pick me up.   So I scrambled all morning to get ready by 8:00.   I always worry when I’m going to be gone a long period of what I will eat or if I will be starving so I decided around 7:15 to make me a small breakfast.  So I put on some eggs to boil on the stove and then grabbed a yogurt and some fruit.  By 7:30 I thought I’d better go finish my hair and ran back upstairs to do so.

At 7:50 I remembered we might need an umbrella and our stadium seats because the seats there are very hard and it gets painful to sit for a long time.  So I ran downstairs and my little dog was following me around and barking and scratching my leg as if she wanted to come.  I told her NO over and over and still she kept jumping.    We had left her the week before for 4 days as I went on a songwriting retreat in Aspen, CO and so she had been acting strange since we got back, and finally I had to yell at her “No you cannot come with me!  STAY!”  To which she got scared and cowered down in fear.  I was then able to sneak out the garage door and get away from her.   I retrieved the umbrella from my car, and found the stadium seats on a shelf in back of the garage and leaned against my car to wait for my brother.

From the garage, I could hear my Gizzy barking up a storm and crying and I thought to myself, “What is wrong with her?  She never cries like this when I leave.  It must be because we left her last week and now she’s gonna freak out every time I leave.”  So I decided to close the garage door that way she would know I was really gone.    So now I am out on the driveway, and I can still hear her crying and barking.  It is now 8:20 and my brother is really late.  I text him and he said he was on his way.  So I then text my husband and tell him how weird it is that Gizzy is barking and crying now for over 20 minutes.

My brother finally arrives and I start to load my stuff in his car, and he turns off the car and says he’s got to go to the bathroom and so he goes in the house.  I tell him “Gizzy is right by the door,  don’t let her get out!”  So he goes in, and I wait.   Then when he comes back out – out runs Gizzy!   I call her to me and she comes right into my arms thinking she’s going with me!   And I have to tell the poor dog again, “You cannot come with me girl”   So I take her back in the house.    I then decide, since now I’m in the house,  I may as well use the restroom too, since we will probably be sitting in the car for a long time waiting to get up to Red Rocks.  So I go to the restroom, wash my hands and go to my kitchen to get some lotion for my hands before I head out again, and I JUST HAPPEN TO NOTICE that the my stove is still ON.   My stove is still on HIGH with my now BURNT eggs in it, and no water left in the little pan.

I almost walked out of my house leaving my stove on and would have been gone for  almost 4 hours!!!!

I could have burned my house down.   And my dog!

And I realized – God was giving me sign after sign to GO BACK IN THE HOUSE!

My dog was barking like crazy – I could have went back in to check on her.

My brother was super late – I could have went back in and made the bed and got something else to eat.

My brother had to go in for the restroom – I could have went in with him and checked on Gizzy myself to make sure she wouldn’t get out.

And finally my dog runs out of the house into my arms! – And then I HAVE TO GO BACK IN to put her back.

All of these signs God was giving me to protect me and was I just ignoring them and wanting to get going so we would not be late to the graduation!

We never know what God is doing behind the scenes to protect us and lead us and guide us.  He is ALWAYS working things out for our good even though we cannot see it.

We did not get back home until 12:00 from the graduation that day.  Three and a half hours I would have been gone with that stove on high.    I could have come home to a burned down house, and no dog.    I could have lost everything.   BUT GOD, was watching out for me.   God was warning me.   God was protecting me.    God was guiding me back into that house!

Just when I was having doubts that God wasn’t hearing my prayers, and I was having trouble feeling his presence, He showed me just how present He is in my life!   How much He loves me and cares about me!    How amazing is that????

God gave me a miracle that day.  A miracle of grace.  A miracle of mercy.   A miracle of protection.

I am so thankful for His Love and protection.   I love Him SOOOOOO very much.

Thank you Lord for taking care of me.   In my forgetfulness, in my stubbornness, in my ignorance.  Thank you protecting me and looking out for me.    In all the ways I cannot see, you are always taking care of me.   Help me Lord to pay better attention to you.   You are sovereign and mighty, and I love you!   Amen


My Gizzy.