The Reason Why I Sing - Easter Sunday

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. It’s hard to describe what exactly I feel every year around this time. Words that come to mind are – gratitude, meekness, humility, dismay, awe. To know the suffering that my Lord endured and the reasons why He did such a thing truly touch my heart.

I think of how many times I tried to live this life on my own and without any regard to where Christ was leading. The mistakes I’ve made and the sins I’ve committed. How unworthy I am. Yet, He chose to sacrifice His own life so that I might be saved from eternal damnation for my sin. What an Amazing gift that is. I don’t even know how to thank Him for such a gift. I only know that I will do my best to love Him, and to live for Him as long as I have breath in me. Because of this gift, it is the whole reason in why I can live, and the reason why I sing!

My Redeemer Lives and one day I will live with Him also! Praise His Holy Name! He is Alive!

You may still hear the full version of “Beauty of the Cross” if you go to my MUSIC page and click on the play button next to the title. I hope you enjoy on this beautiful Easter Sunday.

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