“The Nail on My Tree”

There is an ornament on my tree that holds a special meaning for me.  It was a gift one year from my brother Johnny.  Over the years it has become a commercialized item and many poems have been written about it.  But despite the many different renditions of its meaning, it still holds a special meaning to me, personally.  So every year I faithfully put it up. 

I absolutely LOVE Christmas.   I rejoice in the miracles of that day and the prophecies that were fulfilled.  I love to see the images of the newborn Christ child and the absolute wonder of what Mary and Joseph must have thought as they obeyed God and yet, had no idea what was yet to come of this new life.  God made flesh in their very presence.  How Amazing!

Christmas itself was a happy and joyous occasion where the heavens opened up and music and singing came forth from God’s own angels!!  What a glorious and miraculous sight!  It truly is a day to Celebrate!

Yet, the meaning and the purpose for what Christ came here to this earth do is just as miraculous.  I am awestruck at the reason for it all.  To know that God brought down the Greatest Gift of all for someone as insignificant as me.  And not just me, but all of mankind.  He could have just come and showed off His miracles and left everyone to see just how glorious a God He truly is.  But that was not His purpose at all.  He came down for us.  An unworthy people.  A people who had no hope for a future or a life beyond this world.  He came with a purpose even greater than showing His power and glory.  He came to SAVE all mankind.  To offer a better way of life, to bring peace and to GIVE the ultimate gift. 

Knowing that His sole purpose for being on this earth, living a sinless life, and making the ultimate sacrifice for me, to die, be buried and rise from the grave, so that I might one day be saved from condemnation, means everything to me. 

The miracle in the way Christ came to this earth was indeed glorious and I LOVE to celebrate that day.  But the way that He died and gave His life for me was brutal and the suffering He endured in my place will never be taken for granted. 

So every year, I tuck this nail away somewhere in the middle of my tree.  Not where everyone can see it and ask questions of it.  But just so that I know it is there, and I remember the reason why He came and why He was born, God into flesh.  Knowing that years later, He would become my substitute and take the penalty of my sins on a cross, a tree decorated with His sinless body.

But three days later – HE would RISE from the grave, conquer death and conquer sin and become my eternal HOPE for a life forever with HIM even beyond this earth. 

There is no GREATER GIFT that I could ever receive than Jesus Christ.  I hope He is your GREATEST GIFT as well.

Is there an ornament that you have, or something you take out each year to remind you what Christ did for you?  I hope there is something you treasure, just as I will always treasure, that Nail on My Tree.

Please take some time to visit my website to hear two Christmas songs that I have written that express how I feel about Christmas and what it means to me. 


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