Take Up Your Armor Pt 2

We finished up our Armor of God study in my Cling to Jesus Club!   If you took part, I want to thank you for your dedication.

There was so much to learn and my hope is that you are now equipped  with all of the pieces of Armor that you need to make you a GREAT Prayer Warrior.  Since that was our goal.

After we completed the Shoes of Peace, we moved right along to the Shield of Faith –


Every soldier needs a shield to protect him from the enemy.  In Roman times, the enemy would use arrows and swords when they would attack.  They would sometimes even shoot flaming arrows to set their dwelling places on fire.   In the same way, the enemy shoots spiritual arrows at us in an effort to pierce our hearts with discouragement and make us fearful, anxious or uncertain.   All with the intentions of incapacitating us.  The shield we have against these arrows is our FAITH – and it is a powerful protection!   Back in Genesis, God told Abraham, “Do not be afraid, I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.” Gen 15:1  Our FAITH grows stronger when we read the Bible and we pray.  God is Faithful.   The Lord God is a sun and a shield’ the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”  Psalm 84:11  FAITH dissolves fear and makes us Courageous!  Jesus said “Do not be afraid; only believe.”  Mark 5:36  and “All things are possible to those who believe.”  Mark 9:23

Our FAITH must grow strong enough to believe for the impossible because we believe in the God of the impossible, and with Him, all things are possible!  Even if our FAITH is shaky sometimes, His faithfulness never is!

Our shield is something that we must “take up”.  It requires action.   Faith doesn’t just happen.  It takes an effort to believe.   When you let your guard or your shield down and stop believing that God is in control, that is when the enemy can pierce you with his fiery arrows.   You must KEEP BELIEVING!  Keep TRUSTING!  And Keep the FAITH!   Hold fast to the Word of God and your FAITH will be made STRONG.


Next was the Helmet of Salvation


The helmet protects a soldier’s head.  Our spiritual helmet protects our head as well. It protects us from the lies of the enemy!  The enemy wants you to think you are worthless, rejected, weak, bad, unimportant, hopeless and unlovable.  He wants you blinded to everything that Jesus did for you!

But when you put on the Helmet of Salvation, you are transformed through the renewing of your MIND!  And you can see yourself as God sees you!  As someone worth dying for.  God sees you as chosen and accepted.  You are strong and good!  You are important and you are LOVED!  You are adopted by the King of the Universe and that makes you royalty!  Put on your helmet of salvation every day to remind yourself that you are protected from the enemy and the lies that he tells you!  Remind yourself that you are LOVED by God and you have the right to wear it as a royal crown!


And finally, the Sword of the Spirit.


From the time Jesus was born, Satan was trying to kill Him.  Remember when King Herod ordered all of the babies to be killed and Mary and Joseph had to flee the city?  Thirty years later, Satan came after Jesus again, and Jesus’ weapon against him was God’s Word.   No spiritual battle can be won without God’s Word.  It is often called a double edged sword.  It can be used as an offensive and a defensive weapon.

The Bible is alive and has power!  It will protect you from attacks of the enemy.  Every day, speak the Word, Pray the Word and Live the Word!  Let it live in you so that it becomes a part of your Armor!



Once we finished all of our pieces of Armor – We celebrated!  We celebrated with music!    Check out this fun catchy video to help you remember the pieces of your Armor!



Now that we completed our Armor of God, it’s time to move on to the Story of Easter!  That’s what’s coming up next in our Cling to Jesus Club!


Join us here !!

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