"Sorrow Into a Song"

Have you ever had a really bad day? Maybe a bad month or sometimes even a bad year? Over the course of this life, I have found out that there are many ups and downs that come with living, and it’s only by the bad that we encounter that we can really appreciate the good. I know deep within that “Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning”. Psalm 30:5 But at this particular time in my life, when I wrote “Sorrow Into a Song”, it looked like it was nothing but bad for what seemed like weeks and even months. I found myself very frustrated with God and one day letting him know exactly what I was feeling. In my frustration and crying out to Him, I started reminding Him of all the miracles He has done from the very day He created this earth, to the times that He walked on this earth, and to the time that He resurrected from the grave. I told Him, “Surely, if you can perform all of these miraculous things, you can turn this situation around for me!” Because my situation was nothing compared to any of those things. I just felt as though my life was crumbling and I needed Him to fix it.

This song was in the very beginning stages of my songwriting, and when I look back, I have to laugh at what a miracle it really was that He did for me. Songwriting was never anything that even crossed my mind that would be a part of my life. Yes I loved to sing, and yes I admired those who could put words to music, but it was never something I ever thought about doing. It was truly a gift that God just handed down to me in the midst of a very hard time as a way to comfort and bring healing into my life. The chorus in the song says – He can turn my sorrow into healing, He can turn my sorrow into joy, He can turn my sorrow into victory and He can turn my sorrow into a song! He can turn my sorrow into comfort, He can turn my sorrow into light, He can turn my sorrow into His Glory and He can turn my sorrow into a song! And that is exactly what He did! I am so thankful that the God of these many miracles, saw me where I was, and reached down, and gave a miracle just for me. He’s an Awesome God!

You can read the full lyrics of “Sorrow Into a Song” on my Lyrics page, and hear the song on my Music page on the tabs above.

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