Skipping Thanksgiving?

Skipping Thanksgiving?

I was saddened this week to talk with someone who told me they were skipping Thanksgiving this year.  Mainly because he lost his mother this year and the family has all moved in different directions.  I see also how so many people have already put up their Christmas decorations already and it feels like maybe a lot of people are doing the same thing…..skipping Thanksgiving?

I have had a hard year too.  I have had separation, rejection, loss of a job, financial struggles had friends  pass away and even suffered a great loss of someone close to my family who died by suicide.  But my heart is still Thankful.  And as silly as it sounds, my heart is thankful for a DAY in which we can be thankful.  A day to observe and to feast, and be joyful and to thank our God for what He has done.   And if my year was hard, then that is one more thing to be thankful for.   Thankful that He brought me through those hard times and is keeping me going.

He is a GOOD and WONDERFUL GOD and we should THANK Him.


Dear Lord,

You are a wonderful God!  You have brought me through so much this year and I don’t even know where to begin to thank you.  I could not have endured all that I have this past year without YOU.   YOU held me up when I crumbled.  YOU lifted my head when I had no strength.   YOU got me out of bed when I lost the desire to get up.   YOU helped me press on and move forward when I felt I had nothing to look forward to.   YOU held my family together when everything around us was falling apart.  YOU kept my mind sane when I thought I might lose control.  YOU gave me comfort when I was hurting.  YOU gave me promises that kept me going.  YOU gave me your WORD to bring me encouragement.  YOU gave me songs in my heart to bring me peace.   YOU gave me friends and family to help me through.  YOU accepted me when others rejected me.  YOU never left me.  YOU loved me when I needed YOU.  YOU forgave me when I didn’t deserve it.  YOU listened to me when I had no one else.


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