Revelation Ending

Yesterday marked the end of a very eye opening Bible study. The book of Revelation. We’ve been in this study for about five months and I’ve had the privilege of leading the worship portion of the group each week. The book of revelation can be a scary book to read for the non-believer and there are so many different interpretations that it can often times get confusing. But our group was very good about keeping focused on the main points and always, and I do mean always, emphasizing how we MUST BE READY! By that I mean, knowing who Christ is in your life and having a personal relationship with Him. The bible says that “No one gets to the Father except through Me.” - John 14:6 – I just can’t emphasize enough what it means to have Christ in your life. The eternal life alone will make it all worth it but just knowing and having Him with you on this side of Heaven is equally a benefit. He has been so good to me, has answered countless prayers, led me and guided me out of valleys that I never thought I could have come out of. The joy and peace He places in my life is indescribable. I am so thankful for all He has done and am also grateful for the book of Revelation and all that I have gleaned from this study. I look forward to the day of Christ’s triumphant return and the new heaven and new earth yet to come!

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