Remembering 9/11

I don’t let a year go by without taking some time to remember 9/11 and reflect on what happened that day in our country.   I feel that it is important to remember and take time to acknowledge what so many Americans endured on that day and how our nation endured terrorism first hand.

In 2012, some artifacts from the World Trade Center came through Colorado and rested in front of the Denver Civic Center building.  I was able to take some photographs of the artifacts and will never forget the feeling when seeing a portion of the building, and reflecting on the lives lost that day.

It was very surreal and I would like to share those images with you.

9_11_Artifacts_014 IMG_02409_11_Artifacts_016

I was very humbled and surprised to see the reverence and respect that everyone showed as they stopped to view the artifacts.  The normal sounds of people chatting and the business of Downtown Denver was turned to complete silence and a kind of calmness as you passed by the artifacts.   With the military presence and the American Flag draped over it, it was truly a heart breaking experience.

9_11_Artifacts_009IMG_0241 9_11_Artifacts_008

I will always remember 9/11 and honor the lives lost on that day.  I also take time to thank God for the goodness and kindness that so many showed and experienced on that day.  I thank God for the people who reached out and called on Him and for the sacrifice of so many.  So many lives were impacted all around the world and God was present.  I believe God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and healing is still taking place.


If you still remember, and still continue to pray, please share my blog, and LIKE and share my 9/11 music video in remembrance of those lost on 9/11.

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“We’ll Always Remember 9/11”

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