A Month of Thankfulness

November is a beautiful season and a beautiful month.  Here in Colorado the leaves have fallen and everything has turned from green to abundant yellow, orange and red.   I have a beautiful trees that turn a radiant red as well as a bush in my front yard, that I refer to as my “burning bush” because it reminds me of the burning bush in the Bible when God spoke to Moses.


November for me is a time of reflection.  As I watch the changing colors in the leaves from October that have now fallen to the ground and the trees have now gone bare, the year is coming to an end.  And so I start to think about all that has happened this past year and all that God has brought us through and I am so thankful.

So many answered prayers.  Good health for my family and not one single day has gone by that we have been hungry or have not had a warm place to sleep.  God is so good to us.

Though there have been some very tough situations in our walk this past year, God has never left our side.

In between jobs and staying home, God has still provided for us.

Songs are still being sung and new songs are still being written.  How thankful I am for this gift.

We had graduations and accomplishments that came with parties and reasons to celebrate that brought us fun and laughter with family and great friends.     I am thankful for the happy times.

Our life has many ups and downs, and relationships sometimes end, and new ones begin, but God is always there.  He is the one thing we can always count on.

So November is a time of thankfulness.   A time to show gratitude to the one we should thank every single day.

I thank Him for the good times and for the bad.   I thank Him for His stability and His never ending Love.  I thank Him for His generosity and the blessings He bestows on me even when I don’t deserve it.

How wonderful He has been to me – I am so thankful.

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