Yvette Medina is a singer/songwriter based out of Littleton, Colorado. 

Her number one goal is to encourage believers and non-believers on their spiritual journey and help them Cling to Jesus. As Yvette uses the stage to minister from personal experience of persevering through life’s difficulties, she strives to help others understand the importance of pressing on through hard times and believing that God can, and will help you.  You can truly hear Yvette’s heart when she sings and feel her love for Jesus.


"We'll Always Remember 9/11"

Remembering 9/11, the lives lost, the survivors, the heroes of that day, the first responders, the innocent victims, the families who were affected and all of America who watched in disbelief.  


Remembering 9/11 BLOG post. Click below.


"Remembering 9/11"

"A Little Bit of Heaven"

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