From the heart of the Rocky Mountains in the Southern Colorado, Christian singer/songwriter Yvette Medina has been sharing her passion for Jesus and the message of the Gospel through music.  Yvette has a unique sound by combining Contemporary Christian Music with Southern Gospel.  Her debut self released album “I Cling to Jesus”, has helped and inspired many as she strives to bring encouragement to those dealing with difficult life situations.

 “So What?” is Yvette’s most recent project with the goal of bringing light and sharing the reasons why we believe the Gospel.  

Through her lesson driven songs, it is Yvette’s desire to help you on your faith journey, inspire you, and to encourage you to always – Cling to Jesus. 

"We'll Always Remember 9.11"

For the tears and pain that still come flooding back year after year after year.  We’ll Always Remember.   For the fallen heroes and the ones who sacrificed for the sake of others.  We’ll Always Remember.   For those who never got answers or never got closure.  We’ll Always Remember.   For those who suffered PTSD and depression.  We’ll Always Remember.   For those who never got to know their parents.  We’ll Always Remember.   For those who never got to say goodbye.  We’ll Always Remember. For everyone who lost someone that they loved.  We’ll Always Remember.  For everyone whose lives were changed forever.   We’ll Always Remember 9/11.

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