Spiritual Exercise

1.  Know you are LOVED and CHERISHED by the Creator!

You are a Child of the Master! 


Focus on scriptures that remind you of God's LOVE for you.

Do you know you are worthy and how important you are?  Your are a child of the most high God!  The creator of the universe!   Know that, no one can tear you from His presence or deny you of His love.  You are a child of the Master!  


"Child of the Master"

2. Be content and give thanks in all things.

3.  Know how powerful God is

God is a miracle worker and the creator of ALL things! 

Let's start with the miracles from the very beginning. 

He brought the light out of darkness. Parted the sea and formed the land.

Hung the stars out in the orbit and turned the dust into a man. He is a powerful and Awesome God!