"So What?"

"I'm Gonna Praise Him"

"In the Arms of Jesus"

"We'll Always Remember 9/11"

In memory of 9/11/01.  I wrote this song in 2011 on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  After listening to many documentaries about people who survived that fateful day, the one thing I heard over and over was, "We just don't want anyone to ever forget."   I was so baffled by that statement.  How could they think that we would ever forget?  I will ALWAYS remember 9/11.  The nation will always remember 9/11. 

I heard another statement from another survivor who said "Those on the outside only saw the bad of 9/11.  But those of us on the inside saw the good. People helping people." 

We may never understand the evil that came on that day, but through the evil, there was good.  Goodness shown through.   Love was given.  Kindness shared and heroes were born.

My heart and prayers are with all those who lived through that day, and for everyone who lost someone dear to them. 

May God's everlasting Love and Comfort always  be with you.

"We'll Always Remember ~ 9/11"

"A Little Bit of Heaven"

"Beauty of the Cross"