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"When I See the Lights"

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"Beauty of the Cross"

 I am constantly amazed at God's steadfast love, and His Faithfulness!  The sacrifice He made on the cross and the love He has shown is like no other.   The cross has many meanings for many people.   For me, it represents the beauty of God's Love and tremendous sacrifice.   I hope this song helps you see what a beautiful thing it was the day He died and how what He did was a gift for every single one of us.  I am so thankful for His death, resurrection and loving sacrifice.  I look forward to eternal life with Him in one day in heaven.  This is truly the Beauty of the Cross.

Yvette Medina is a Christian recording artist and native of Colorado. Yvette sings Christian Contemporary music with a touch of Southern Gospel. Her music is lesson driven and will inspire and teach you valuable lessons that will help you strengthen and grown your relationship in Christ.

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