This blog is to give you an insight, or a behind the scenes look at the lyrics to a song I wrote for my husband for our 20 year Anniversary, which we just celebrated on June 22, 2015’.  After you…


“The Cross”

So much has been written about “the cross” and there are so many beautiful songs about the cross that I just truly love.   But what is it about the cross that is so fascinating?   What does the cross signify for…


Valentine’s 2015′

It is always interesting to read back on the early origins of any holiday, and Valentine’s Day is one that certainly dates itself back many centuries.  In our society today, Valentine’s is a very “couples” oriented holiday.   It is also…


Remembering 9/11

Everyone has their story own story of what they remember about 9/11.  I’d like to share with you how my day went on 9/11/01. 

9/11 started as a very normal day for me.  My kids were very young and we…


“Thanking God for the “good days”.

Is it ever going to get better?  How long will I be in this valley?  Why does this keep happening to me? 

Do these phrases ever go through your head?  If your life is anything like mine, I find myself…


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter !

This truly is my favorite holiday. I feel so blessed to know Jesus at a personal level and it means so much to me to reflect each year of the sacrifice that He made for me. Even…


My God is Real

How do you explain that God is real? Some people may want to see Him, hear Him, touch Him, or have some type of Scientific evidence to prove that He is real. That is nothing new. I mean, remember “doubting…


“My Friend Dee”

Beautiful – Loyal – Strong – Supportive – Loving – Genuine – Appreciative – Sincere – Giving – Honest – Bold – Devoted – Dedicated – Dependable and the Greatest Fighter I have ever met.

All of these, are words…


“The Nail on My Tree”

There is an ornament on my tree that holds a special meaning for me.  It was a gift one year from my brother Johnny.  Over the years it has become a commercialized item and many poems have been written about…


“Merry Christmas”

I received a Christmas card a couple of years ago that ignited something inside of me.  After being overwhelmed with work, and the crazy business of the holiday season, I opened this card and was mesmerized by the words on…



Ruth 1:16

Have you ever saw something in a store that you really wanted, but knew you really didn’t have the money to spend on it…   but yet you also knew that if you didn’t buy it, you would regret…


"Water Baptism"

Last Sunday was a water baptism service and I cannot tell you how it thrills my heart to see people get water baptized.  I just love to see the celebration of a person’s union with Christ.  The act of obedience…