“The Cross”


So much has been written about “the cross” and there are so many beautiful songs about the cross that I just truly love.   But what is it about the cross that is so fascinating?   What does the cross signify for you?

When you think about the simplicity of two wooden boards nailed together and for the purpose of crucifixion it really is a gruesome image.  Yet, because of what Christ did on that cross more than 2000 years ago, makes the whole image completely different.  There is now beauty in the cross, not because of what it is, but because of what Christ did.

When I look at a cross, whether it be a picture on the wall, a standing figurine, a pendant on a necklace, a full fledged hanging cross or even a person’s tattoo of a cross, I see LOVE. Yes, I am quickly reminded of the pain and suffering that was endured, but at the same time, I see LOVE. I remember that Christ made a choice to endure what He did, and that He didn’t have to. How quickly He could have removed Himself from the cross, and stopped the agony that He was enduring.   But He knew there was a purpose.   He knew that I needed a Savior. He knew that I needed redemption.   He LOVED me so much that He allowed it to continue.   He LOVED me so much that He took the pain, the insults, the beatings, the humiliation, the mocking, and the brutality of it all.

When I see a cross, I am humbled.   I am literally moved and eternally grateful, that the God of the universe LOVED me enough to take my place.   That kind of LOVE is beautiful.   That kind of LOVE is eternal. That kind of LOVE worth living for.

I love the cross and all that it stands for, but more importantly, I LOVE the man who died on the cross and took the punishment that was meant for me. I LOVE the fact that my God came down in human flesh to live, teach, love, heal, comfort, have relationship with us, die and raise again from the dead so that I may have life, and have it more abundantly.

That is what I see when I look at a cross.   What does the cross mean to you?

There are two songs that I wrote and that I love to sing at this time of year. “Beauty of the Cross” and “He Came With a Purpose”.   Please visit my website and take a listen.


May you have a wonderful and blessed Easter Season!

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