Taking Note of the Cross


How many crosses do you see around you?  Do you take note when you see a cross?  What do you think of when you see the cross?  Do you see so many that you don’t even think about it?   Or do they stand out to you and draw your attention?

For me, they draw my attention and I am mesmerized by them.

Crosses Across Colo_002


The symbol of the cross for me, is amazing and so powerful.  It is literally life changing!  What took place on the cross was just life changing.  What Christ accomplished on the cross was overwhelming and so remarkable.   The love that was shown was incomprehensible.    And so when I see a cross, I remember what was done and I am awestruck that someone would do such a thing for me, and sacrifice so much for me. It humbles me, knowing I did not deserve such a miracle.



When you think about it, there are so many different words to describe the cross.   First, there are the horrible words.  Death. Pain. Suffering. Anguish. Torture. Humiliation. Brutality. Sacrifice.


But isn’t it wonderful, that God uses ALL things for His good and for HIS GLORY?   He makes all things new. And we now have beautiful words to describe the cross.  Forgiveness. Love. Peace. Hope. Redemption. Eternity. LIFE!!!



I LOVE seeing the different crosses around my state and I LOVE photographing them.   I love seeing them at churches, or just in random places.  In a field or in someone’s yard or garden.  They show up everywhere around me.  And when I see them, I take note of them.  I soak them in.






Sometimes they will simply be two pieces of wood, nailed together.  Just that. That simple.  Plain. Worn.   But yet, it still has meaning and purpose.


And other times, they are different. Someone has designed it.  Someone has formed it. They have  added to it, and stained it, and painted it, and brought it new life.  Brought beauty to it.  Made it new!   And it still has meaning!  It still has purpose!


I love to see how people create and design.   We are all formed in the image of God and we are made to be like Him.   And He is a creator!   He is the creator of our universe.  He creates.   And I love to see people create.   I love to see what people can create out of two pieces of wood, or two pieces of metal.  The same symbol, but yet, in soooo many different, and beautiful designs.

My Christmas Cross

The cross has a different meaning for everyone.  What does it mean for you?

When you see it, do you see death, or do you see life?  One is not better that the other.  Both have significance, and great meaning.  Both were vitally important to our lives and to our purpose.   We needed the death to occur so we could have forgiveness.  Redemption.  And new life!   Let His death humble you.   Be grateful and thank Him for it.

And then let His Life and Resurrection bring you JOY!   See the beauty in the cross!   And thank Him again for LIFE!  For the hope and purpose He brings to you and your life!


The cross has a different meaning for everyone.  For me, the cross is EVERYTHING!


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As you travel around your state, take note.  Or better yet, take a picture!  Share it with me on FaceBook!  I’d love to see the crosses that you come across where you live and feature them on my site!

Have a Blessed Easter!    Focus on the Cross!  And always Cling to Jesus!


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