Take Up Your Armor

In my Cling to Jesus Club on FaceBook, we have been studying the Armor of God, and I have been truly blessed by the things that I have learned.

The Symbols of the armor can encourage and help us to see things of God in a whole new way.

Take for instance, the Belt of Truth –

The enemy will use lies to confuse you and fill you with anxiety and fear.  He will completely mess up your thinking and weaken you if you start to believe his lies.  Every day you must combat his lies with God’s truth.  The truth that God loves us.  That He is our protector.  That you can do all things by His strength.

We should Gird our waist with His TRUTH.  Just like a weight lifter supports his back and his waist, we need to support our spiritual core.   Surround yourself with TRUTH and don’t allow anything other than TRUTH to enter in.  Pray that you will not be deceived.   Live in God’s TRUTH.  Live by God’s Word!  His word will protect you by strengthening your core being!

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And the Breastplate of Righteousness –

We need to protect our heart with righteousness in the same way a soldier protects his heart with a bullet proof vest.  We need to make a decision every day to live a righteous life.   The only way to live a righteous life, is with God’s help and the help of the holy spirit.  When you live your life in a righteous manner, your life is covered and your heart is protected.   The breastplate of righteousness is the righteousness of Jesus inside of you!  Strive to  Live a life of righteousness!



Shoe your feet with the Gospel of Peace!

Every soldier learns to protect their feet.  They have special shoes or boots, like cleats, to stand strong against the enemy and keep from slipping.

We too, need to have the foundation we walk on solid and protected.

Having peace with God and peace in God is the unshakable foundation from which we can defend ourselves and stay strong!

The enemy wants to steal our peace and keep us stirred up, anxious, fearful, upset, and always waiting for something bad to happen.  But God has peace and offers healing for any bad memories or bad things that have happened.   A peace that passes all understanding!   Jesus made it possible to have this peace.  The kind that carries us, stabilizes us, grounds us and keeps us from slipping.  This enables you to stand strong and walk forward against the enemy and take back the territory that he has stolen from you!


These are the first 3 pieces of the armor that we have studied, and I am grateful for what I have learned. It helps me with my daily walk with Christ and it helps me to remember that He is with me through every challenge that I face and He never leaves my side.

We go into battle every single day, and it is important for us to be equipped, protected and prepared, so we can be ready to face any battle that comes our way.

Be blessed today, and put on your Armor!   God is with you!



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