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Are you bombarded with posts, and commercials, and magazines, and blogs, and news reports, and tips, and trends and anything and everything exercise?

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but mostly guilty when I see these posts.  It’s not that I don’t know that I need to do these things or that I don’t know that they are good for me or that I don’t know that they are beneficial.  It’s just that I also know they are not enjoyable and sometimes they also cause pain in return.   It requires thinking and motivation and effort on my part.   Now don’t get me wrong, I do my part on getting on the treadmill, and I bowl with my family and try to stay active.  But by no means am I a health nut.  Heck, I don’t even have a gym membership.   But when it comes to spiritual exercise, now that’s a different story!

Spiritual Exercise (1)

Just like our physical body, our spiritual side also needs to be exercised.   And just as physical exercise strengthens us and has benefits, so does spiritual exercise!   The good thing about spiritual exercise though, is that there is no pain after!   So really there is no downside!

In my Cling to Jesus Club, we are exercising our faith regularly.   Here are some of the exercises we are implementing –

1 – Knowing you are Loved by God

2 – Praying for others

3 – Reading scripture

4 – Implementing worship

5 – Learning to be content and thankful

6 – Knowing how powerful God is

All of these things when you do regularly will help strengthen you and keep your mind focused on Christ.   Because truly, it through Him that we are made strong.  But sometimes we waver.   And that is why it is important to keep exercising our faith!   So that when you do waver, you can fall back on the things you know and remind yourself of His strength, and how He will make you strong and keep you going!

Many more exercises are still to come.  You are welcome to join in and follow along on my website or via FaceBook.


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