“Remembering 9/11/01”

Woke up with a heavy heart this morning as I remember this day 12 years ago.  No matter how many times I see the images on t.v., I am still in disbelief of what happened that day.  Everything that happened was just so shocking. 

American airlines being hijacked – shock.

Planes crashing into buildings – shock.

Plane crashes into Pentagon building – shock.

People jumping from burning buildings – shock. 

Plane crashing into Pennsylvania field – shock. 

Buildings collapse – shock. 

People running for their lives – shock. 

People dying in rubble – shock. 

Everything about that day was so hard to comprehend in my mind and still, 12 years later, my mind still has trouble believing it all really happened. 

There was so much devastation that day and so many people who had to deal with loss.  Only God can bring a person through such an event and through such grief.  When we can’t understand why, God is there.   When we feel completely lost and helpless, God is there.  When we feel anger and regret, God is there.  When we need comfort, help, healing and strength, God is there.

There are so many things in this life that I do not understand, and know that I never will, including 9/11.  But I do know that God is still sovereign and is still in control of this earth and what is yet to come.  My hope for is for a better life beyond this earth, and a reunion with loved ones someday, and that is what keeps me going.  Feeling His presence, His LOVE, His peace, His comfort and His guidance make this life bearable.  The Bible tells us that “We can do ALL things through HIM, who gives us strength.” Phil. 4:13  And I believe, that through Him we can continue to heal and can continue to live with great HOPE for a better tomorrow.

He is a Wonderful God and is still in control.

God gave me a song about 9/11 and if you would like to hear it ~ Please click the link to view.


I pray that God continues to heal all who were affected by that day.  My prayers are always with you.

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