My God is Real


How do you explain that God is real? Some people may want to see Him, hear Him, touch Him, or have some type of Scientific evidence to prove that He is real. That is nothing new. I mean, remember “doubting Thomas”? Seems we are always looking for proof.   Why is it we have to have it proven to us?

I have been so excited to see Christian films out in theaters now in 2014. I was thrilled to see the movies “Unstoppable”, “Son of God” and “God’s Not Dead”. These films did an amazing job of explaining the existence of God and offered evidence that He is in fact real!  

My heart was deeply troubled though, and I was so disappointed when I saw the “Noah Movie”. I was deceived into thinking that this movie would stay true to the Bible and was not at all prepared for what I was going to see on screen.   BUT – as I sat there, watching the story unfold, and watching it take a blatant turn away from the true biblical story, there was a voice speaking inside of me. It was saying things like, “You know this is not true.” “This is NOT of God and it is not bringing God glory.” “Why are you sitting here?” “The Bible tells you to flee from evil.” A couple of times I turned to the people I was with and told them, “I want to leave. Can we please leave?” But they were interested in seeing the rest of the film. But inside of ME, my spirit was troubled. So much so that I was physically uncomfortable. I’m sad to say that it wasn’t until the voice inside of me was practically yelling “Why are you NOT fleeing?!?!!” that I finally got up out of my seat, crawled over about 20 people, stepping on toes, smashing knees and accidentally pulling the hair of the people who sat in front of us as I scrambled to get OUT of the theater.

I know that I sound like a mad woman trying to escape this terrible horror movie, and when I share it with you, I too find it quite humorous. And believe me, my family is having a hay day making fun of me for it!   But I share all of that with you to explain, that it is in times like those – when I KNOW that GOD IS REAL!   I FEEL Him inside of me. I FEEL a connection to Him.   I FEEL Him speaking to me through the Holy Spirit. I FEEL Him stirring up my soul when I know something is not OF Him, and I FEEL Him calming my spirit when I pray and ask for guidance.

I do not know how to explain or to prove to someone that HE is inside of me, and that He is what gives me LIFE. But I do NOT need to see Him, or have Scientific evidence, because I FEEL HIM every single day. THAT is my evidence.   I can feel His Love, His Security, His Comfort, His Guidance.   That is how I know My God is Real.   When you have a relationship with Him, you are connected in a way that is impossible to explain.

There is an old song by Kenneth Morris that I just love. They lyrics of the chorus are:

My God is Real
He’s real in my soul
My God is real
For He has washed
And made me whole

His love for me
Is like pure gold
My God is real
For I can feel
Him in my soul

This song, is the best way that I know how to explain that, MY GOD IS REAL.


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