"Little Bit of Heaven"

My pastor once said "Living in Colorado, there is NO WAY you can deny that there is a God."  I have lived here my entire life and there are so many beautiful things that I see, that can still take my breath away.  There is no way to describe a Colorado sunrise or the peace that comes with a Colorado snowfall.  It truly is a beautiful place to live.

In 2011' we took a trip in October to San Diego for a milestone Birthday.  I was so taken with San Diego.  It truly was one of the nicest cities that we have ever been to in the United States.  Our hotel overlooked Mission Bay and in the mornings we could see the dolphins and the seals swimming and relaxing in the water. We would walk along the harbor in the evenings and the dolphins would be swimming right beside us in the moonlight.  The weather was beautiful the whole time we were there and the city had such a relaxed feel, we just absolutely LOVED it.  Watching the sun set over the ocean was just as beautiful a sight as watching the sunrise in Colorado.

I have been to many other cities in the U.S. but have always said, of course, "There's no place like home". But San Diego was the first city that I ever thought, "Wow, I could really live here."  I was so sad when we had to leave and on the plane ride home I remember closing my eyes and picturing all the beauty of what we had just seen over the last few days.  When I opened my eyes we were just coming into Denver right in the evening hours and the sun was setting and reflecting off of the mountains and my very first thoughts were "Wow - now that's a little bit of heaven!".  And yet, so was San Diego and in my mind I began comparing the two.

The song came that day in the airplane as I contemplated back and forth the beauty between the two states.  So, my goal in the song is to take you back and forth from California and Colorado, but really, I hope to convey that God's beauty is around us everywhere and it such a joy to live on this earth that He created.  When I get glimpses of His beauty that absolutely take my breath away, for me, it truly is "A Little Bit of Heaven."  And I can't wait to see the beauty that awaits me there!  I am sure it will be beyond anything I could ever comprehend.

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