"It's Just the Beginning"

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “Soul Surfer”, but this is where the inspiration for my song “It’s Just the Beginning” came from. The movie is based around something tragic that happens to a young girl and she is having trouble figuring out how God could let something like that happen to her, and what good could possibly come out of it?

At one point in the movie, the young girl’s youth leader is teaching a lesson and using visual aids of photographs that are zoomed in on particular objects and asking the kids to decipher what they see. As they each take wrong guesses at what the objects are she finally zooms out on the pictures to reveal what they truly are and it is nothing even close to what they were guessing. She explains how sometimes that is how our lives can be. We are so zoomed in and focused on one particular spot or one particular problem in our lives, that we can’t see what the big picture actually is.

I thought about so many situations in my life where I get so consumed with what is going on that I don’t take the time to think about what the bigger picture is, or what God’s ultimate plan is for me and how He could be using each situation to work things out for my good.

So many times we get in situations where we literally think “This is it. This is the end. How can I ever get through this or out of this situation?” And then God steps in and turns everything around and uses it for His glory.

I even think about death and how devastating it is for us here on earth. And what to us seems like the end, (but for the believer in Christ) is really just the beginning!
If we can only renew our minds and think the way that Christ thinks.

And so, if you watch the movie up to the very very end and once they get past the credits and all of the footage of the real life girl whom the movie is based on, the words on the screen pop up and say “THE END” – and then a few seconds later the words that inspired my song appear on screen – “Is Just the Beginning!” And just like that, God planted this song in my heart.

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