"Hosanna Hosanna to the King"

Growing up, Palm Sunday always was a celebrated event in the church that I attended. It marked a very significant day for us as we remembered Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. I grew up in a small church and they would bring in enough palm branches for everyone and throughout our worship service there would be wonderful songs with words about “Hosanna in the Highest “, “He is the King” and “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”.

I love remembering this day and the visualization that those palms would give to us in the congregation. If only we could have been there!

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of what many call Holy week as Christ began to prepare His journey to the cross and to that ultimate sacrifice He was about to make. As a Christian I try to prepare my heart during this week and remember His triumphant entry where He was recognized and acknowledged by many as the King of Kings, but also to begin reflecting on the suffering He was about to endure. I love to sing songs of gratitude and worship to my God for what He was about to do. I hope you too, take time to reflect upon His sacrifice this week and that today you would sing songs that celebrate Our Lord and Savior! With all my heart today I will be singing “Hosanna Hosanna to the King!”

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