Happy Easter!

Happy Easter !


This truly is my favorite holiday. I feel so blessed to know Jesus at a personal level and it means so much to me to reflect each year of the sacrifice that He made for me. Even if there was no one else in this world but me, He would have made the sacrifice. I am so privileged to be LOVED that much by the Savior.

To wish you a Happy Easter, I invite you to take a listen to a sneak peak of another Easter song that I wrote that is one of my favorites. “He Came With a Purpose”.  I was able to play my flute on this one, and that always makes it extra special for me!

It will be available for just a short time to hear, today on Good Friday, through Easter Sunday.

“Beauty of the Cross” is another of my faves and you can still hear that one as well.


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Have a Very Happy Easter – Enjoy time with your family and more than anything – Give God the Glory!

He is Risen! Praise the Lord – He is Risen!

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