Glorious Gospel Tabernacle

I had the opportunity the other day to pass by the old church that I grew up in. This is a picture of that church. It now has a new name, but back then it was called Glorious Gospel Tabernacle. I have so many special memories of this church and the many years that I went there. It was a small, yet very loving church. God’s word was always upheld and His love was shown through the people like I’ve never felt before.

The music there was incredible and it is there that I fell in love with Gospel music. I can still see sister Ruth on piano, sister Debbie on the organ, brother Mike on drums, my uncle Mike on clarinet and brother Toby leading worship. (I played my flute there too from time to time.) Later, when brother Charlie came along, he added a whole new dimension to praise and worship to our King of Kings.

I am very thankful for this church where I learned of Christ and what it was to be a Christian. I am thankful for the sermons, the baptisms, the baby dedications, the Easter and Christmas plays, the sunrise services, Sunday School, the 4th of July mountain parties, the softball and bowling leagues , backyard pool parties, the 50 day Adventures, potlucks, and everything that this church provided to the families who attended there.

This church will always be very special to my heart as it is the first place where I felt the absolute LOVE of Jesus through people. Thank you to the Rampa’s, brother Harry and the Garcia’s for their faithfulness to this church for so many years and thank you to all the families who attended and for all the special memories. You truly taught me what it was to live the “Glorious Gospel” of Jesus Christ.

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