Dates to Remember

Do you ever feel like holidays come way too fast year after year? Sometimes I wonder, “Why can’t we skip a year once in a while?” But then I think about it and realize that if we do skip a year, then we’ll probably skip the next year and the next and the next… and then we will no longer commemorate those special events.

I find it interesting the way our lives are run and the creation of it all. Just the mere creation of a “day”, and then a “week”, a “month” and a “year” and how it all falls into place, so consistently and in proper order to keep our lives functioning.

I find it interesting too, how our minds work and how a particular day that marks a special event can stir up memories that you didn’t think about the entire year, until that date comes upon you. Feelings and emotions can also become heightened as you celebrate each special event in your life or perhaps when you remember a sad occasion also.

Our God is so intricate in his design. How amazing is all of this? I’m just so thankful for the Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Holidays, and special occasions that God allows me to celebrate each year and the memories that come with each of them. I am thankful too for the dates of loss and tragedy that we also stop to take time to remember.

I hope you too are thankful for particular dates in your life, and hope that there are times of celebration and also times of remembrance where you let your mind take you back to those occasions in your life where in reality, are what makes you who you are today and the person you have become. Which is a wonderful creation by the God of the universe who loves and cares for every part of your life. He not only loves and cares for you in the ordinary routine of your every day life, but He also gives you some very wonderful days where memories, feelings and emotions come in an entirely different way than those that we get accustomed to. And those EXTRA-ordinary days in your life, as the years go by, truly do become, VERY SPECIAL “Dates to Remember.”

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