"Beauty of the Cross" - Good Friday

This song for me came in bits and pieces. Most of the time when I write, it is usually the chorus of a song that comes first. But for this song, that wasn’t the case. For several days I was simply singing over and over the very first part “When Jesus spread His arms from end to end, that day He suffered on the cross”, but it just didn’t seem to go any further. It wasn’t until a Good Friday service, where our church was performing “The Living Last Supper” that the remainder of the song came to me. When the production was over, our Pastor spoke and was talking about all that was taken care of at the time of Christ’s crucifixion and that His love was for even those there that day who crucified Him, and THAT was the Beauty of the Cross! And in an instant I could hear my chorus come to life.

As I began thinking more about that day and all of the visuals of the cross, the nails, the crown of thorns, the sword that pierced Him through His side, all were very prevalent in my mind and I truly wanted to somehow combine the symbols with the people.

I am in awe of what Jesus did for me that day and His Amazing sacrifice. It is so hard to believe that He would endure SO much for my sins and that HE LOVES ME THAT MUCH! I can never express how very grateful I am for that, but I hope to show Him with my life just how thankful I am, and I pray that He knows and takes me home to be with Him one day, where I can thank Him face to face.

I do LOVE this song and the amazing talent of Shon Morgan and the beautiful piano in this song along with the emphasis on the bass give it the exact feel I was looking for. It helps me to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for every one of us, and I hope that it is a blessing to you to hear.

If you would like to hear the song in its entirety, I have extended it on my MUSIC page so that you can hear the full song. I will leave it on the “full version” from today, “Good Friday”, until Easter Sunday. I hope you enjoy it.

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