Acts of Love ——

February makes me think of Love. I’ve been sharing several stories of the love that my husband has showed for me the years, and not necessarily the typical type of love stories that you think of for Valentine’s Day. But just stories about the love he has shown over our 27 years of marriage in several different ways.

As Christians, we strive to be like Christ. And what Christ showed most of all was love. We hear over and over again that God is love, which is so very true, but God also calls us to love others and Gene does that very well.

A while back, I wrote a song called “Did You See Jesus in Me?” A little bit of the song goes like this.

“Did you see love – when you saw me

Did you see faith – enough to believe

Did you see hope – in the hard times

When you saw me – Did you see Jesus in me

When you saw me – Did you see Jesus in me

Did you see strength – Even when I was weak

Did you see giving – to those who were in need

Did you see kindness – every time that we would meet

When you saw me – Did you see Jesus is me

When you saw me – Did you see Jesus is me?”

I look at my Husband and I see all the ways he loves like Christ and even how even his attributes are like Christ. We are made in His image. His carpentry and his ability to create things from wood is amazing to me. I love to see things come to fruition in all things. Whether it’s an artist drawing, a musician writing, a carpenter building, I love seeing things become created. Where there was nothing, something beautiful emerges. I can see Jesus in him.

And when it comes to love….

Gene loves as Christ loves. He does so by caring. He does so by showing concern. He protects. He gives. He sacrifices and he cares about my happiness. I can see Jesus in him.

There are some people who reflect Christ’s love with their kindness and love for others, and Gene is just one of those people. I am blessed to be the recipient of his love and I hope and pray I love Him well in return.

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Weekend!


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