"Be a Planting"

Have you been longing for a sense of normalcy?  I was able to experience some normalcy the other night when I attended a small women’s event.   And it was NICE!   SO NICE! 


We painted as we learned God’s word.   And it meant so much to me and it felt so good for that one night,  that I even framed my painting and I put it somewhere to remind myself of that one night of normalcy, and all that I gleaned from that teaching from Miss Pauletta with Stonecroft Ministries. 


Here is the picture that I drew. 



I’d like to share with you the lessons behind this simple picture.   I know you must be thinking “What’s the big deal about some trees, some water and a little red bench.   Well let me share with you the meaning.


Let’s start with the River. 


A River – the Water.

The water is the Word of God.  It is often referred to as the River of Life.  

It is moving.  It is constantly moving forward. Just as God wants US to constantly be moving forward.  

Think about all the things that water does for you.  For your body, for your soul. That is also what the Word of God does for you! 

Water is Cleansing – Refreshing – Awakening – Soothing – It Rejuvenates you – It quenches your thirst.  It Satisfies you.   All of these things are also what God does for you!  He is the Living Water.  He brings LIFE!  He is the ultimate source of our being.  We need water, just as we need God.


The Bench.

How can we be refreshed, cleansed, awakened, soothed, rejuvenated and satisfied?  We can be all of these things by spending time with God.  By sitting with God.  Being Still.   Removing distractions. Spending  time with the one who can help us grow and prosper.    Fill yourself with the word of God to be cleansed.  To be refreshed.  To be awakened.  To be soothed.  To quench your thirst and be rejuvenated.  Be satisfied by the one who can satisfy.  Psalm 46:10 tells us to “Be Still and know that I am God.”


The bench is a reminder to stop and be still.  To spend some time with God.


The Flourishing Tree.

Do you see how healthy the tree in front is?   How green and lush?   Do you see where it’s roots are planted?   Right in the water!!   Right in God’s word, where it can grow and flourish, and where it can bear fruit.    Where it stays completely satisfied and grows big and strong. 

The water we spoke about is what makes it possible for this tree to flourish.  It’s what keeps it satisfied.  That’s what God’s word does for us.   It keeps us satisfied.  It helps us to flourish like the tree planted by the water.  Psalm 1, verses 1- 3 says.

It’s important for us to stay close to the water if we want to prosper.  So keep your feet IN the water!  



The Dead Tree.

Notice how far this tree is from the water.  Far away from God.   Notice how dried up and withered it is.   Notice how bare it is.   Not flourishing.  Not growing.  Not bearing fruit.   We need to be CLOSE to God to have these things.   Not far away from the water.  

If you stay apart from God, you dry up.   You can’t bear fruit.  You can’t grow.  You can’t prosper and you eventually wither away.  God can’t use you when you are dried up and withered.

We need to stay close to God.  Close to the water.



The Fruit.

What does it mean to bear fruit?  When a tree is healthy, and growing and flourishing it bears fruit.  We have all seen it.  Fruit you can eat.  Fruit that makes you healthy.  Fruit that helps you grow.  Fruit that keeps you strong.  Fruit that you can give away.    The fruit is growing freely on this tree because it is constantly being fed. It is planted IN the water.  It is being fed by the Word of God.  When you are fed by God, you bear fruit.    You bear the “Fruits of the Spirit”  which Galations 5:22-23 tells us they are:


Fruits that we can thrive on and share with others.   These fruits make you better.  These fruits bring you JOY!   They keep you healthy.   They help you grow. 


This is the kind of fruit you can give away.  They help you love others.  God uses you when you share your fruit with others.  You make someone else's life better! Give some fruit to your friends. To your neighbors.  Give to family.  Give to strangers.  Give to co-workers.  People in need.  Give until you run out of fruit!   And then when you run out of fruit…….. take yourself back to the Water! Sit on the bench.  Spend some more time with God.  Put your feet in the water.   Get into God’s Word. Take a dip in if you want!  Drench yourself in the water!  Let Him feed you all over again.  Be refreshed again.  Relax and get rejuvenated.  Let Him restore your soul and revive you again!   Get yourself filled with the fruits of the spirit and then go out and give again!   But always, always --  keep going back to the Water!   


I hope this was helpful for you.  

Stay healthy, stay safe, and ALWAYS Cling to Jesus!