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Yvette Medina is a Christian recording artist and native of Colorado singing Christian Contemporary music with a touch of Southern Gospel in her inspirational music that reaches and touches the soul. 
CCM meets Country.


The "Cling to Jesus" Club

What do you think of when you think of Christmas?  
Most of us think of family gatherings, lots of presents, and lots of LOVE as we celebrate the holiday.  But not everyone, and not all children get to experience the same type of Christmas that most of us do.  
Some children don't experience a happy home life, and some don't receive gifts or gather with family at Christmas.
In her song, "All We Want for Christmas", Yvette shares a story of little girls who live next door to one another, but who experience Christmas in very different ways.
You'll love this Christmas song of how these little girls come together and celebrate what really matters most at Christmas. 
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"That's All I Want for Christmas"

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"I Cling to Jesus"

So often in this life we endure hard times.  It is so easy sometimes, to want to run away from God when things get hard.  We can often become bitter and question why bad things happen or wonder where God is in our time of trouble.  But if you can only take a moment to be still, and Cling to your faith, and Cling to Jesus when things get hard, He surely will step in and be there for you.  I wrote this song in the midst of some very hard times, and at a time where the only person I could Cling to was Jesus, and in that time, and every time there after, He came though for me.  I hope you are blessed by this song.  
 I am constantly amazed at God's steadfast love, and His Faithfulness!  The sacrifice that He made on the cross and the love He has shown is like now other.   The cross has many meanings for many people.   For me, it represents the beauty of God's steadfast Love and His tremendous sacrifice.   I hope this song helps you to see what a beautiful thing it was the day He died and how He did it for both you and me.  I am so thankful for His death and resurrection and look forward to eternal life one day with Him.  

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